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Dr. Trethart introduced Kardovite to my husband and me when we lived in Edmonton during the early 2000’s. I did not always feel well and used to pick up a cold or flu fairly regularly. I don’t get sick anymore and since using Kardovite my health has been excellent. I don’t look or feel my 81 years and volunteer at the hospital pushing patients around in wheelchairs. I’ve never felt as good in my life and Kardovite has helped me greatly!

Claudine Koyich, 81, Kitchener, Ontario


My next door neighbor who is a doctor recommended Kardovite because I was feeling lethargic in the morning.
I now take two pills every morning and am no longer tired.
I can get on with my day and am full of energy which is the reason I take Kardovite.

Charlotte Frisina, Corry, Pennsylvania


Dr. Black from Virginia told me that taking Kardovite for 6 months would add 5 years to my life! He is a good doctor who believes in alternative medicine, and was a Chiropractor before he became an MD. After about a month of using Kardovite I could tell a difference and felt stronger. I’m going to keep using this product even though 6 months have long passed!
Gary Bellamy, Johnson City, Tennessee


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