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The Kardovite Story


Sam Ibrahim, The Developer of Kardovite

Kardovite was developed by pharmacist Sam Ibrahim to help both the heart and circulatory system. Sam was educated as a pharmacist in Germany and had studied herbal medicine for 5 years as part of his training. In 1968, Sam and his family Immigrated to Edmonton. Shortly after arriving Sam opened his own pharmacy and unlike any other pharmacy at the time, he carried herbal medicines from Germany.
People who came to the pharmacy were very curious and had many questions regarding his formulas. He explained to them that the herbs were used for coughs, kidney and bladder infections, upset stomachs and other various ailments, and he slowly persuaded his customers to try natural remedies.
Fast forward to 1999 and Sam had become a very well-known and respected Edmonton pharmacist recognized nationally for his herbal medicine expertise. That year, a man named Arlie Smith came into his pharmacy and asked Sam if he could develop a medicine for the Chelation Association of Alberta. Some of Smith’s Chelation patients potentially required bypass operations and many of them had serious heart and circulatory problems.
Sam took on the challenge of developing a product that would improve circulation, strengthen the capillaries and help the heart. He researched tirelessly for over two years to find the ideal combination of herbal extracts which would increase the blood supply carrying oxygen and nutrients to vital organs. He also wanted to reduce cardiac risk factors, manage stress, and support the liver.
In 2001 he finally had a perfect formula, one that benefits circulation, and overall good health. He called it Kardovite, a highly sophisticated formula containing 7 powerful herbal extracts; Hawthorn, Garlic, Cayenne, Bilberry, Ginkgo, Valerian, and Milk Thistle. These herbs “synergistically” work together to strengthen the heart muscle and improve blood flow*.
Kardovite has proven to be very safe and has since been authorized for sale by Health Canada as a heart tonic and to help support peripheral circulation. Sadly Sam left us at an old age in March 2020 and his son Farid continues his father’s work.
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