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Kardovite’s unique formula contains the highest quality ingredients that have been tested by independent labs for potency and purity. Here is how the seven medicinal ingredients work*:

Kardovite's unique formula

Capsicum or the Cayenne Pepper dialates the blood vessels and has antiplatelet effects.  It is effective in treating poor circulation, excessive blood clotting and elevated lipid levels.
Hawthorn strengthens the heart muscle leading to increased cardiac output. It also prevents hardening of the arteries and coagulation, or blood clotting.
Known to aid in maintaining overall cardiovascular health, Garlic prevents high cholesterol and high blood pressure. It also regulates blood viscosity, which imrpoves circulation by allowing blood to flow more freely.
Bilberry is used in Kardovite to strengthen the small blood vessels called capillaries. This improves micro-circulation in your eyes, kidneys, and other organs.
Gingko Biloba
Gingko Biloba is known as a reactivator because it activates the beta receptors which dialates peripheral blood vessels. Helps to deliver oxygen to vtal organs and reduce pain in patients with obstructive arteries.
Milk Thistle
A healthy liver is an essential part of circulatory health. In the Kardovite formula, Milk Thistle supports the liver in processsing more toxins out of your system, which is a happy by-product of improved blood flow.
Valerian reduces the "fight or flight" response. An overactive flight or fight repsonse damages blood vessels and puts stress on the heart.
"My next door neighbor is a physician and he recommended Kardovite to me because of my high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol. I used it daily for a year and a half when I decided to stop taking it briefly, but after 3 days I felt very lethargic. I started back on it and my energy came back right away – I don’t know where I would be without this product."

Joe Frisina, 65, Corry, Pennsylvania


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