Kardovite: for circulation and heart health

Why good circulation is so important*.

Our hearts beat 100,800 times per day for the sole purpose of circulating 5 litres of blood per minute through our bodies! Blood circulation delivers oxygen and nutrients to our cells and also removes waste products at the same time. This process is called perfusion. Greater circulation helps all our organs and cells to function better, leading to an overall improvement in health and vigor. Athletes have known this for a long time – what about the rest of us?
"My cholesterol was high so my physician put me on Statins, which I never liked and pleaded to get off of. Two years ago I found out about Kardovite, and have been using it ever since. My overall health is better and Kardovite has lowered my cholesterol and my blood pressure. I’m walking more as a result of higher energy and better circulation."

Everette Pouencey, Hattiesburg, Mississippi


Watch this informative video about Kardovite and healthy circulation.


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